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8 Essential Summer Eye Health Tips

July 27, 2023

The summer season is here and you might have questions about how to protect your eyes while doing all the fun activities outdoors in the sun.  Here are answers to some common questions eye doctors get asked in summer.

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5 Tips to Help Your Eyes When The Air Quality From Wildfires is Bad

June 8, 2023

Here are 5 tips recommended by Dr. Angela Yoon, who is an Optometrist and Policy Advisor for the Ontario Association of Optometrists:   Stay indoors, closing the windows and turning on central air conditioning (with clean filter). Use an indoor HEPA air purifier if you own one.   Use eye...

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Myopia: How the traditional understanding of nearsightedness is failing our kids

November 8, 2022

An emerging consensus is forming that a decreased amount of time spent outdoors is significantly increasing the risk of myopia among school-aged children.

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Celebrating a childhood eye Cancer survivor, Star Trek actor and the optometrist who saved his life with an early diagnosis

September 14, 2022

Childhood Cancer Warrior Bruce Horak shows “out of this world” strength and tenacity! The OAO is celebrating Bruce during Childhood Cancer Awareness month for showing the world that blindness does not have to get in the way of having an amazing career as an actor.

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Eye care is Health Care: Patients Coming Forward and Sharing Their Eye Health Stories

August 4, 2021

Throughout the Save Eye Care campaign,  many patients have come forward to express support for their local optometrists, and share stories of the care they received. In some of these cases, their visit to the optometrist was a life-changing one. OAO member, Dr. Kathleen Hill, saw patient Jackie Nelson on...

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The Cost of Vision Loss in Canada: The Importance of Investing in Eye Care

July 21, 2021

However, if governments fail to invest in eye care, vision health challenges faced by Canadians will only get worse as the population ages. This is the situation we are facing in Ontario. Decades of underfunding and neglect by the provincial government has pushed the eye care system to the brink.

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