Optometrist needed for Scarborough Clinic 

Optometrist needed in Scarborough (Eglinton Square Shopping Centre) to care for our long established patients since 2013 and new patients. The clinic is located inside of the busy mall which has several other medical offices and Shoppers Drug Mart. There is a new railway line built near here recently that is bringing in more traffic into this location than that was anticipated before COVID19. So, the clinic has new management eager to work with the Optometrist to build a modern outlook of the clinic to address the challenges of post-COVID19 disruptions. Prefer full-time but will be flexible with part-time as well. Initially, interested in Optometrist who can at least work 2-3 weekdays and 1 weekends. The clinic space is fully equipped and can be rented on a monthly basis as an option to the Optometrist or he/she can be reimbursed per patient as negotiable. New grads are welcome.
Please email your resume to 2020vcak@gmail.com

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