Optical Dynamics Q-2100 Lens Casting/Coating System

The Q-2100 is capable of producing 1.56 index lenses in clear or photochromic, SV, ST28 and progressives from +400 to -600, -250cyl and 300add. We have produced thousands of lenses but are now simplifying our lab to just edging. The unit is around 15 years old but is still fully operational and is the same model still being produced. See the manufacturer’s website for the full details. It retailed in the neighbourhood of $200,000 when we bought it – no reasonable offer will be refused, I don’t want to see it in the landfill. Included free (if wanted) an Essilor Kappa edger/tracer – it’s heavily used, still functions with some TLC, but could be repaired or used as parts. https://www.opticaldynamics.com/technology
Please contact us at dtstager@cogeco.net if interested.

Date posted September 24

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