FULL TIME position available in NIAGARA

Location #1 for 1-2 days, with room to grow quickly. Full scope dispensing clini, open M-F, with no weekends. Equipped with AR/NCT, Fundus Camera, OCT, Visual Field, on site Lab and 4-6 staff members per day to assist all task. Myopia control options available, in house dry eye products. Minimum guarantee for each day worked. Potential signing bonus available!
Location # 2, 15 minutes away, you can fill the rest of your schedule with any day requested. Equipped with AR/NCT, Fundus camera, OCT, visual field and an automated phoropter. This office is non-dispensing, but does allow for referrals to office 1 for myopia control and specialty contact lenses. Minimum guarantee for each day worked. This office is booked more than a month ahead, with no recalls.
Please contact cheryl@drdube.ca for more information

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