I’ve been wearing glasses for over a year, as I have myopia and a mild astigmatism. I also have a turned left eye, so I have a prism in that lens. I’ve noticed since wearing my glasses my right eye is now starting to turn in and experience double vision due to the prism.  I’m also experiencing an outward pulling sensation in my left eye, which uses the prism. Do I need to have the prism increased in the left eye and an additional prism added in the right eye?  

Prisms work by bringing the object you’re trying to look at towards the misaligned eye. This allows both eyes to work together to view the object without double vision and eye strain.  However, wearing glasses to correct myopia may increase the magnitude or frequency of an inward eye turn (esotropia).

Since you are noticing changes to your eye turn, I would highly recommend that you return to your optometrist. He/She will be able to assess your eye alignment at all distances, eye focusing abilities, as well as the health of your eyes. They will also be able to identify the right solution for you as you may need a different amount of prism (higher or lower), a different prescription, and/or vision therapy, among other things.

If you do not have an optometrist, please feel free to use our  Find a Doctor tool

All the best,

Dr. Angela Peddle, OD