Partnership opportunities

For over 100 years, the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) has been the sole provincial advocate for the profession of optometry – defining the profession of optometry, promoting the importance of eye care, and providing optometristswith the tools to succeed as primary health practitioners.

Once again, we have many opportunities at all levels to give your company the right exposure to meet your business needs and assist your marketing plans, by effectively reaching out to optometrists.

  • Reach your market. Ontario is the largest provincial market of Canadian optometrists. OAO serves over1,600 members, reaching over 75 per cent of practicing optometrists in the province.
  • Extend your client base. OAO Annual Symposium and InfoMart is one of the largest annual events of its kind in Canada.
  • Reach practice owners. Our Annual Symposium delegates are comprised on average of more than 70 per cent practice owners.
  • Educate Doctors of Optometry. OAO and industry partners have teamed up to provide high-level clinical and practice management education to help optometrists provide the best services and care to their patients.
  • Be a champion. OAO’s Eye See…Eye Learn® program can align your company with the positive message of improving children’s eye health and learning in school.
  • Build relationships. OAO’s community event allows you to network with optometrists in a casual social setting.
  • Benefits of membership. OAO works with a number of companies to provide cost-effective products and services to our members to improve their practice administration and delivery of services.
Partner with OAO in 2020! Learn more about the opportunities in our 2020 Partnership Package.

Find an optometrist

Your optometrist is a one-stop destination for all things eye health related, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, health information and eyewear products.

Eye See… Eye Learn®

Eye See… Eye Learn provides information and coverage for children having their vision checked as they enter school for the first time.

OAO membership

Membership provides many benefits, including continuing education, career support, insurance and more.