5 Tips to Help Your Eyes When The Air Quality From Wildfires is Bad

Here are 5 tips recommended by Dr. Angela Yoon, who is an Optometrist and Policy Advisor for the Ontario Association of Optometrists:

Stay indoors, closing the windows and turning on central air conditioning (with clean filter). Use an indoor HEPA air purifier if you own one.

Use eye lubricants several times a day to dilute any smoke particles and to flush irritants from your eyes.

Use a cool, damp cloth over your closed lids for additional comfort.

If you must spend time outdoors, consider wearing goggles or wraparound glasses/sunglasses.

See your local optometrist if your eyes become painful or red, or if your vision changes

To book an appointment with an optometrist near you to get more help, visit FindAnEyeDoctor.ca.

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