June 9, 2020


What is astigmatism? Astigmatism is a refractive error that occurs when the front surface of your eye (cornea) or the lens inside the eye is slightly irregular or cylindrical in shape. This results in blurred or distorted vision at any distance. Astigmatism is not a disease, but a common visual condition. What causes astigmatism? When …

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Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia a condition referring to the vision in one eye being weaker because the eye and brain are not properly working together. Any condition that prevents the eye from focusing correctly during the early stages of development can cause amplyopia.

Floaters and Spots

Almost everyone sees a few floaters at one time or another. They can occur more frequently and become more noticeable as you grow older. If you notice a sudden change in the number or size of floaters, you should contact your optometrist right away.

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